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Dr. Hadaegh is a one of a kind dentist in Beverly Hills. He takes his work very seriously & specializes in cosmetic dentistry. If you’re looking for a “Hollywood” celebrity-style smile then you absolutely need to visit Dr. Hadaegh. You will not be disappointed.

Ali I.

Been seeing Dr. Hadaegh for many years & …

Been seeing Dr. Hadaegh for many years & have always enjoyed his meticulous attention to detail. He is very talented, professional & is a perfectionist when it comes to “beautifying” your teeth. Very friendly gentleman & excellent bedside manner. Great guy, & certainly one of the best cosmetic dentists in Beverly Hills – & apparently receives celebrity attention, too!

Kay V. via Google

Audrey treated me yesterday. What a a treat. She is professional and knowledgeable. I will give her a rating of 10. I can’t wait to come back in June.



Dr. Hadaegh and team are the best! I’m 63 and have been through a few dentists in my life and absolutely love him and his staff. I am sorry he is retiring, but feel very secure with his replacement, Dr. Neil Hadaegh.

Katie T.

Dr. Hadaegh

The best Dentist in town. I’ve been traveling 40 miles to see him each time and it’s worth it. – He will not stop until he perfects your teeth. Besides that he is also very personable and professional. I trust him 110%. I don’t like to give referrals but for Dr. Hadaegh absolutely. I referred a friend to him and he could not thank me enough.

Ori L.

Great Experience!

Excellent, caring staff. Dr. Hadaegh listened to my concerns, was able to asses my complicated dental situation, and suggest a reasonable treatment plan. Staff (thank you Claire!) was willing to work with my insurance and let me consider options based on cost. Everyone here is knowledgeable and focused on a good patient outcome.

Erica F.

Still The Best Dentist Ever!

I have been going to Dr Hadaegh, for over 15 years now, and he continue to provide Excellent service. His office is always pleasant, his staff is well versed. I always enjoy going to see my dentist. Not to many people can say that. I continue to recommend Dr. Hadaegh, he continue to be the BEST!



How many people can say that they enjoy visiting their dentist? I can. Smooth, efficient, high tech/state-of-the-art, personal and pain-free. I really enjoy being able to get one-on-one time that isn’t rushed. I can ask a question and get an answer that I understand. All treatment and payment options are explained thoroughly. I always recommend Dr Hadaegh to people.

Will U.

Best dental cleaning ever and most talente…

Lynette is the absolute best dental hygienist I have ever been to. She is exceptionally thorough and monitors your progress/maintenance in a positive way. Dr. Hadaegh is very talented only uses the most progressive techniques and ensures you have the right treatment necessary for both cosmetic and practical purposes. He is also very sensitive to what you are looking to accomplish with your smile and will advise you accordingly with your best interest in mind.


Dr. Hadaegh Yelp Reviews

Neil N. Hadaegh, DDS

Dr Neil hadaegh is the master of symmetry and beautiful veneers. I had coffee stained teeth but nothing else really bad, but still wanted the hollywood smile. I was nervous about the whole “grinding down my teeth” factor and Dr. Hadaegh is known for barely sanding you teeth down to fit the veneers. …

MissPriss E.

Neil N. Hadaegh, DDS

I have been coming to this office for about fifteen years now. I finally had to have some dental work done and Dr. Hadaegh is a comforting man. I was in and out in less than two hours with a new crown. I asked many questions and he was more than happy to answer them in detail. Normally dentists sc…

David L.

Neil N. Hadaegh, DDS!

My husband found Dr. Hadaegh and has had extensive work done by him and his staff. He looked so good and was so happy with the results that I started going to him too. I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Hadaegh and his staff. They are warm and welcoming, make you feel special, like a celebr…

Sonia S.

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“I look like a movie star now!”

I have been to billion dentists. Okay, at least 23 in the last four years. Because a lot of different issues. And I was reading some message board and saw his name posted. I went in with my sob story and he didn’t even blink.

He told me what I knew: what I needed done would be expensive, but I already was prepared for that. And I felt able to be honest about what I could and couldn’t afford. Over a year later, I came back to him for the work I really needed.

Cami, Aurora, Lynette and everyone there: they are so nice. They work around people like me: workaholics who are never even able to answer their phones. They contact you on time and know what to say to get insurance to help out with dental work. So patient.

There is a great DVD collection. Dr. Hadaegh is funny and nice and smart and I don’t feel embarrassed around him. And I look like a movie star now.

It’s expensive, but that’s what you get for a work of art set of teeth. I love you guys!!

Lydia Effie C.

“An extremely talented and caring dentist.”

Dr. Hadaegh performed my veneers procedure in September 2009. I had gone to several other dentists for consultations, and after much evaluation (comparing dentists in Beverly Hills to those in cities surrounding Beverly Hills), I decided on Dr. Hadaegh and his office. Dr. Hadaegh is an extremely talented and caring dentist. He is honest and gentle, and my teeth look fabulous. I won’t lie, cosmetic dentistry is not cheap nor an easy ordeal… however, Dr. Hadaegh’s pricing was phenomenally fair (especially considering the advanced labs and technology he uses). I am a dental-chicken, and Dr. Hadaegh’s office truly accomodated my every need and went out of their way to make me feel comfortable. Dentistry doesn’t get better than this!


Christine C.

“He made sure the job was done right.”

Dr. Hadaegh and staff are the most compassionate and caring Dental Care providers I have ever dealt with. Not to mention they are the only dental office I have ever seen that will take into account your personal situation. I had 2 fillings replaced this morning because they were done when I was much younger and had expanded so much my molars were cracking. When my insurance failed to cover a substantial portion of the cost, leaving me hanging as they often do, Dr. Hadaegh and his wonderful staff helped me find a payment plan that worked for my budget. They even took into consideration that I owed a pretty substantial sum in taxes to the IRS this year. If I had been anywhere else I surely would have been turned away.

Despite my inability to provide adequate financial coverage, Dr. Hadaegh took his time, was very attentive to my discomfort at all times, and even redid a partial crown (my fillings had to be replaced pretty bad) in order to get the size right. He spared no effort in making sure the job was done right. It was amazing, and I am currently in no pain whatsoever without any medication.

I can’t thank them enough for how much they helped, and the sense of relief I had was much needed in these tough financial times. This glowing Yelp review could not possibly convey how grateful I am for their care, expertise, and consideration. Anyone looking for a dentist should skip calling any hot lines and just book an appointment at this office.

Thank you Dr. Hadaegh.

Josh M.

“Our dentist is awesome!”

Since my last review, I went back to Dr. Hadaegh to have my teeth whitened. Cami explained the ZOOM process to me while making sure that I was comfortable and not in any risk of boredom. When I let her know that I had experienced a shooting pain in my tooth, she told me why this happens and gave me a quick fluoride treatment to help my sensitive teeth. If your teeth are at all sensitive, ZOOM whitening will likely make you want to smash them out of your face a few hours after you have it done. I found that Orajel, Advil, and room temperature water were my best friends. Cami had warned me that my teeth might be very sensitive, so the pain wasn’t anything I wasn’t prepared for. The whitening process itself was painless and I enjoyed a movie on the flat screen while I waited for my teeth to lighten. I need to go back to finish up my session, and I have to say that I’m looking forward to it.

On a side note, my husband was in to see Dr. Hadaegh today, and his teeth look wonderful. He needed some fillings replaced and we were worried that he might need more serious work done. Dr. Hadaegh, as always, did a fantastic job. Our dentist is awesome. You should make him your dentist.

Genevieve M.

“Dr. Hadaegh is an amazing dentist.”

Wish I could show you a picture of my smile to verify that, but trust me my smile is AMAZING. His costs were in line with what other cosmetic dentists had quoted but the work he does is beyond what I’ve seen other dentists do. It was a long procedure to have the veneers made for my teeth, but the results were staggering…people thought I lost weight, had plastic surgery on my face, was working out…all due to the beautiful work Dr. Hadaegh did..and two years later my smile still shines brightly like full moon on clear night


David B.