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Sleep Apnea Treatment

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Sleep apnea is a condition that affects millions worldwide, interrupting restful sleep and impacting overall health. At NH Dentistry in Beverly Hills, we are committed to offering comprehensive solutions to sleep apnea, including the innovative SomnoDent Flex™ device. This cutting-edge approach promises a good night's sleep and an enhanced quality of life.

Sleep Soundly Again

What is Sleep Apnea?

Do You Have Trouble Sleeping Due to Snoring?

Sleep apnea is a potentially serious sleep disorder where breathing repeatedly stops and starts. There are multiple types of sleep apnea, but the most common form is obstructive sleep apnea. This occurs when the muscles in the back of the throat fail to keep the airway open, despite the effort to breathe. The interruption in breathing can last for ten seconds to a minute and can happen hundreds of times a night, leading to fragmented sleep and a host of potential health issues. It's essential to recognize and treat sleep apnea to prevent complications and improve the quality of nighttime rest.

Sleep Apnea Treatment Using SomnoDent Flex™

It’s known as the SomnoDent Flex™, and it is a continuous open-airway oral appliance that is worn while sleeping to help reduce snoring or treat sleep apnea. It works by keeping the lower jaw in place so that there is no blockage of the airway, which often causes the snoring sounds you hear. It can be self-adjusted for comfort and effectiveness. Its elegant, simple design reduces snoring and sleep apnea as well.

Sleep Apnea Treatment Beverly Hills

Drift into Deep Sleep

What are the benefits of treating Sleep Apnea?

Dr. Hadaegh is passionate about improving the lives of his patients – with many of them troubled by snoring—sometimes their own snoring, sometimes their partner's snoring. Fortunately, Dr. Hadaegh has found a revolutionary device that alleviates this problem. If you are having trouble sleeping due to sleep apnea or if your partner is having trouble sleeping due to your snoring, there is an easy snoring and sleep apnea treatment Beverly Hills area residents now have available to them.

Why Dr. Hadaegh Chooses SomnoDent Flex™

There are many different treatments for sleep apnea, but Dr. Hadaegh only wants the best for his patients, which is why he has chosen SomnoDent Flex™ for these reasons:

  • Made with unique SMH BFlex material, Flex has a soft inner liner that maintains retention and offers premium patient comfort.
  • Device retention is critical to effective treatment.
  • Drop in fit – even for patients with short teeth, little undercut, or crown / bridge work.
  • Reduced chair time due to minimal adjustments.
  • 96% of patients with proven OSA state they would like to continue using SomnoDent.
  • SMH BFlex is a proprietary soft polymer that is molecularly bonded to the acrylic device. The material will not delaminate or attract odors.

The best part is this treatment doesn’t involve surgery or medicine and is comfortable and effective. It is a 100% non-invasive treatment for sleep apnea, located in Beverly Hills by Dr. Hadaegh.

Non-Invasive Sleep Apnea Treatment offered by Dr. Hadaegh

Your Sleep Apnea Consultation

Sleep is a very important aspect of your health. A consistent lack of sleep or irregular sleeping patterns have been connected with a variety of issues, including daily fatigue, high blood pressure, reduced concentration and focus issues, obesity, and in severe cases, heart failure and cancer.

Sleep Apnea Treatment Beverly Hills

Sleep is Very Important – Let Dr. Hadaegh Assist You Today!

Sleep apnea is very treatable with high success rates using custom-fitted oral appliances, as shown by research. To find out whether or not you are suffering from sleep apnea or to inquire more about the device Dr. Hadaegh uses to treat his patients, please contact our office @ (310) 659-5399 or contact us online.

How It Works & What To Expect

Your Sleep Apnea Procedure

The SomnoDent Flex™ device is comprised of an upper and lower tray that is custom fitted to your mouth for a comfortable fit. The upper tray and lower trays are attached by a socket that are custom adjusted to ensure your sleep is comfortable and quiet. Just a few weeks of treatment makes a tremendous difference! And if you begin to snore again, you’ll be able to get right back on track by adjusting the device yourself or having Dr. Hadaegh demonstrate how to properly adjust the device.

Sleep Apnea Treatment Beverly Hills

Ignite Your Vitality

Sleep Apnea Results

By utilizing the SomnoDent Flex™ device, patients can experience significant relief from sleep apnea symptoms. This device is custom-fit to ensure maximum comfort while effectively preventing the cessation of breathing. With consistent use, patients often report improved sleep quality, decreased daytime fatigue, sharper mental focus, and a reduced risk of related health complications. The SomnoDent Flex™ offers a non-invasive, effective solution that is easier to tolerate than traditional CPAP machines and ensures better compliance, leading to more consistent results.

Breathing Easy

Sleep Apnea Recovery and Aftercare

The SomnoDent Flex™ device is non-invasive, meaning there's no "recovery" period in the traditional sense. After receiving the device, patients are encouraged to wear it every night to maximize its benefits. Initial adaptation might include minor discomfort or increased salivation, which resolves quickly. Regular dental check-ups are crucial to ensure the device remains in optimal condition and continues to provide effective relief. Proper cleaning and storage, as directed, will ensure the device's longevity and maintain its efficacy.

Sleep Apnea Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike the bulky CPAP machine, which uses air pressure to keep airways open, the SomnoDent Flex™ is a dental device designed to gently reposition the lower jaw, keeping the airway unobstructed.

Most patients tolerate the SomnoDent Flex™ device well. Some might initially experience minor discomfort or increased salivation, but these side effects typically subside quickly with regular use.

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