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Preventive Dentistry

What is Preventive Dentistry?

Preventive dentistry is about being proactive. At our dental practice, we work to prevent dental problems from occurring in the first place. If you already have dental issues, our goal is to treat them so well that they go away. It has been shown that tooth decay and gum disease take about six months to ‘take root’ if you will. That’s why we recommend scheduling an appointment twice each year for cleaning and dental checkups.

What’s the Connection between Dental Health & Heart Health?

Research increasingly shows that by preventing and/or treating periodontal disease, you are likely helping to prevent cardiac disease.

Preventive Dentistry Beverly Hills

Dental Health
To Do List

Get your teeth cleaned every six months. Not only will we polish up your pearly whites, we’ll give you a refresher course on proper brushing and flossing. Remember to get a complete dental exam once a year. Brush twice a day and floss at least once every day. Bacteria-laden plaque needs to be brushed off on a regular basis before it has the chance to break down tooth enamel or inflame the gums. By not letting plaque get an upper hand, you are helping to ensure that your smile stays healthy. Click the link to learn more about at home dental care.


Bacteria and Oral DNA Testing

These are tests that give us the types and levels of bacteria in your mouth and let us know if you are predisposed or have genetic markers to important things like periodontal disease, bone loss, and deep pockets. By having this information it gives us insight about your dental issues and enables us to provide the appropriate course of treatment and medication to treat and improve them. This is important because periodontal issues are systemic and ultimately connected with the whole body.

Preventive Dentistry Beverly Hills

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