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Patient Reviews

Review rating: 4.9 stars from 120+ Reviews

“Best dentist ever!! The whole office feels like family! They all make sure you are comfortable throughout, and visits are always pain-free and thorough! I love my new veneers. They look so perfect but still so natural, and the process was pain-free and easy! I’ll literally never go to another dentist again!”

— Deena P., Beverly Hills, CA, dental patient.

“I found Dr. Hadaegh on Instagram. As soon as I saw his work, I knew I had to schedule a consultation. I flew to LA from Texas, and it was definitely worth it. The doctor and his staff are the best! I felt right at home. Overall happy with my new smile. I’ve received so many compliments on my veneers, all thanks to Dr. Hadaegh.”

— Jason A., Beverly Hills, CA, dental patient.

“Recently switched dentist offices and just left my second appointment with Dr. NH. I am really impressed with this office and everyone that works there. He is very personable and genuinely a nice person. Monica is great upfront, and always the best vibe. I highly recommend this dentist.”

— Brooke A., Beverly Hills, CA, dental patient.

“The staff is very welcoming and outgoing; they make you comfortable. I was actually having a bad day in the morning, and when I went inside, my mood turned around, and I felt better just by their energy. Also, the office has such a modern and sleek look to it! I love it! I got my teeth whitening done here, and she was very informative in telling me about the process. I also called a couple of times, and the lady recognized me by my voice. You can really tell they care for their patients! Would definitely recommend coming here!”

— Stephanie S., Beverly Hills, CA, dental patient.

“Let me just start by saying I have been through my share of dentists. None as good as Dr. Hadaegh! I drive an hour each way because his office is the best. He is, above all, honest and tells you clearly what needs to be done. No extra charges or unnecessary add-ons. Now, when it comes to the staff, they are also top-notch! Very professional and explain everything thoroughly. I especially like the dental hygienist Lynette. She’s always professional and takes detailed notes on your visits. Friendly and always makes going to the dentist a lot less scary. The office also takes every precaution during Covid 19. They take your temperature, and the entire staff is wearing masks. I often see them disinfecting chairs and equipment. I really appreciate that! Totally puts your mind at ease in a 5-star dentist office!!!”

— Christian M., Beverly Hills, CA, dental patient.

“From the modern lighting in the waiting room, to the warmth of the front desk staff, to the dental hygienist’s charismatic personality, and to Dr. Neil, every step was a happy one. Everyone is in a good mood, with a warm and down-to-earth disposition. Going to the dentist has never been this much fun! Outstanding experience in every way.”

— Marc K., Beverly Hills, CA, dental patient.

“I had the best experience at NH Dentistry! I got my top 8 done, and my life feels complete now. These are my dream teeth (with almost zero pain) !! I traveled from NorCal because of how amazing this doctor's work looked. Not only is the doctor great, but the staff is just as amazing. Monica and Gloria were so down-to-earth and easy to talk to. Love them! You can tell that they all genuinely care about you being 100% happy with your teeth. Also, he barely shaved any of my teeth down, I can barely tell a difference between what they looked like before he shaved them. The procedure was way less painful and scary than it looks. I’m so happy that I went with this dentistry. 100% worth every dime.”

— Kayla C., Beverly Hills, CA, dental patient.

“Hygienist Lynette is AMAZING. She has really made a difference with my teeth! I have been going to this office for years, and although the dentists have changed, all great, Lynette has been the one constant. I have receding gums, and since going to her, my dental health has improved. She explains everything as she works on your teeth and gives you detailed tips. She also puts you at ease with her wonderful sense of humor and is GENTLE. I have been to other hygienists in the past, but Lynette is the BEST. The front desk is warm, and everything is state-of-the-art. I highly recommend NH Dentistry!”

— Melissa S., Beverly Hills, CA, dental patient.

“This review for Dr. Hadaegh and his staff is long overdue. I have been going to his office for a couple of years now… I got my wisdom teeth pulled there, cleanings, root canals, and in the summer of 2019, my veneers. His work has been seamless and articulate. My smile was always something I was self-conscious of, and I would never show my teeth in photos. It has been a constant struggle even as a child. When I finally decided to choose which doctor I wanted to use for my smile makeover, it was pretty simple. He has an incredible amount of patience, technique, and design. I got my veneers done right before my wedding, and it was the best decision I’ve ever made in my entire life. Not only am I a happier person, but I feel confident in my new smile! Looking back on my experiences with Dr. Hadaegh, my only regret was that I didn’t get my veneers done earlier! Side note: his staff is incredibly friendly and makes the entire experience 10x more enjoyable!! Thank you for changing my life!”

— Sasha S., Beverly Hills, CA, dental patient.

“DR. HADAEGH IS TRULY THE BEST!!! I can’t explain how happy I am with my new smile. It looks absolutely amazing. Dr. H, along with his staff, are literally the dream team. When coming into my very first appointment, I was welcomed with open arms. I came to see the doctor because I wanted to get veneers due to my top teeth being quite flared out. I’d seen numerous doctors in L.A., and no one was ever able to sit me down and explain to me why my teeth looked the way they did, nor explain to me how my teeth were going to look after. This really made me appreciate Dr. Hadaegh and his hard work even more. He really educated me and made me understand the procedure and the outcome we were trying to achieve. The one thing I was very insecure about was my teeth being flared out. I genuinely didn’t like my teeth and wouldn’t like smiling in some pictures due to me feeling as though my teeth looked so bulky and unevenly shaped. The doctor did advise me that he couldn’t completely diminish my flared smile, and he reassured me he was going to do the best he could. And, honestly, I think he did better than he thinks—FLARE WHERE SIS??? I don’t see it. Truly so grateful for the doctor and his team. Monica and Gloria in the front are amazing and always greeted me with a smile. Best teeth whitening by Barbara. I appreciate all of you for your hard work and genuine kindness.”

— Wendy L., Beverly Hills, CA, dental patient.

“This is literally the best dental office I’ve ever been to. Let’s start with Monica. She got me in the door 100%. I was calling around to different dental offices that had high reviews just to ask a few questions and see where I wanted to be. The first one I called was Dr. Neil’s office. Monica answers the phone. I could’ve sworn I knew her for 10 years+, and she was my best friend. She was so helpful and caring. Like, for real, she genuinely cared… She explained things to me about my insurance that my insurance company never did. She went above and beyond to make sure that I understood everything and that everything would be well laid out before my visit. She even went so far as to offer to get daycare for her child the day I came in so she could walk me through everything. Unbelievable. To call this woman amazing is an understatement. I made no more calls…only an appointment. Then there was Rita. Rita was so sweet, warm, and gentle. X-rays are never fun. But she made sure to be as delicate as possible. She asked at every moment if I was comfortable. She was super warm, nurturing, and efficient. Next the start of the show, Dr. Neil came into the room. Dr. Neil was super personable and disarming. He made an actual dental office feel comfortable, go figure. He was extremely knowledgeable and thorough. He took his time and explained everything very well. And as an extra added bonus, he ain’t an eye sore at all! Lol. Next, I go to the hygienist to get my teeth cleaned. Her name is Lynette. I’m thinking somebody in this place has to have a bad attitude, there’s no way everyone is a gem! But no cigar…Lynette too…She was so helpful and nice. She is also one heck of an explainer. She makes sure you understand each and every detail of what’s going on with your teeth. She leaves no rock unturned. After speaking to her, I truly understand some things that I can do on my own, at home, to achieve greater dental health. She was really great. You can truly tell she knows her stuff. Last but not least, I checked out with Gloria. She does billing…What a sweetie!? She was so very helpful. She scheduled my next appointment with a great big smile and plenty of interesting conversation. We got into a fun little five-minute chat. We laughed it up, and I bid her farewell. I left feeling great!! Wait!! … Did I actually have a good time at the dentist's office?!? That’s unheard of…but I think I did. These people really do make a less-than-pleasurable experience pretty freakin’ AWESOME!”

— Nahisha P., Beverly Hills, CA, dental patient.

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