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3 Reasons to Be Thankful for Cosmetic Dentistry!3 Reasons to Be Thankful for Cosmetic Dentistry

3 Reasons to Be Thankful for Cosmetic Dentistry! Beverly Hills

Thanksgiving 2016 is almost here – and during these times many people spend time with family & friends for a day of gratitude. As a cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills it only make sense that we be thankful for the advances in cosmetic dentistry that make it possible for us to have perfectly aligned white teeth at any age!

3 Reasons to Be Thankful for Cosmetic Dentistry

1. White teeth at any age.

That’s right – there are many different ways to whiten teeth nowadays with some treatments that provide better results than others, and it’s often based on the severity of discoloration/staining. No matter how severe your case is, or how yellow or brown your teeth appear, there is a solution for you. Here at Dr. Hadaegh’s office, we offer two types of teeth whitening.

For those looking for a quick, but effective solution then we recommend our popular Zoom! Whitening treatment, which may be performed in under an hour and will improve the teeth by a few shades after just one session.

For those with more severe cases, our KöR Teeth Whitening in Beverly Hills is a great option we recommend.

View frequently asked teeth whitening questions here.

2. There’s a solution for any issue.

With cosmetic dentistry, there’s always a solution! Whether you lose a tooth accidentally, crack a tooth, have a misaligned bite, stained teeth, crooked teeth, or gapped teeth, then rest assured that a solution is available. Often times there are multiple solutions to choose from as well – based on your budget and needs. Cosmetic dentistry is truly a blessing!

3. It’s a tool for success.

The impact cosmetic dentistry can leave upon a person is priceless. Many of Dr. Hadaegh’s patients have reported much higher self-esteem and confidence levels, which in turn has resulted in career advances, a more youthful appearance, better relationships, and much more. Our smile is often regarded as the center of our beauty, which can easily be shaped or molded using cosmetic dentistry.

Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving from Dr. Hadaegh & Staff!

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