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A Few Ways to Make Mom Smile on Mother’s Day!

A Few Ways to Make Mom Smile on Mother’s Day! Beverly Hills

At Dr. Hadaegh’s office, we’re all about smiles – in more ways than one. That is why we want to give you a small list of various ways to make your Mother smile on her special day: Mother’s Day.

Cook For Her

Most Mothers cook for their children, but are seldom cooked for. For Mother’s Day you can really impress your Mom – even if your cooking skills are not up to par – and land some serious brownie points by cooking for her. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner… any amount of cooking will do.

Buy Her a Thoughtful Gift

Keyword here is “thoughtful” and there are MANY ways to accomplish this task.

These are just to name a few. Find a gift that shares something personal with your Mother in some way. It will give her something to remember forever.

Clean The House

Moms always find themselves tidying up the house whether they’re doing a routine clean or picking up after someone else. Surprise, they like breaks too! A lot of Mothers simply wish they had someone else take care of the house for once. This is your time to shine by surprising her with the notion that you WILL (and you better follow through) clean the house.

Get Creative

What we mean is perhaps instead of buying a Mother’s Day card you could create your own personalized one instead. There are other ideas also such as scrapbook collages or other arts and crafts. She may shed a few tears on this one, but it’s inexpensive and probably more meaningful than any other item listed.

Take Her Shopping

Could be risky as far as your wallet is concerned, but if you’re absolutely stumped on what to buy her, then ask her if she would like to go shopping. It doesn’t have to be on Mother’s Day either.

Whichever route you decide is best, understand one thing: that no matter what you do or buy for your Mother – that nothing is greater than simply spending time with her.

Happy Mother’s Day from the team at Dr. Hadaegh’s office. 🙂

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