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Gum Line Cavities

Gum Line Cavities

Gum Line Cavities

Did you know that a common place to find decay is along the gum line of teeth?

Gum line cavities may be caused by a number of factors. Chief among them are eating too many sugary foods, acid reflux, lemon sucking, dry mouth and general poor brushing technique.

Cavities, known to dentists as caries, usually begin with the tooth structure being dissolved by acid, at which point the tooth structure is invaded by bacteria.

Smooth surface enamel is typically fairly resistant to caries, especially when it is cleaned well by brushing. But sometimes even ‘good brushers’ can have areas that they find hard to keep clean. It is not unusual to find decalcifications on the upper second and third molars, since these tooth surfaces are sometimes hard to get to with a toothbrush.

One of the best ways to prevent having to deal with gum line cavities is to maintain a regular schedule of dental cleanings. Regular professional cleanings twice yearly and routine exams can prevent the headache of gum disease or tooth decay. The friendly and expert dental hygienists in our Beverly Hills dental practice are trained to spot trouble areas and help you avoid cavities. Call (310) 659-5399 today for your appointment!

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