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My Teeth Are Yellow and I Can’t Seem to Fix Them!

My Teeth Are Yellow and I Can’t Seem to Fix Them! Beverly Hills

Help! My Teeth are Yellow and I can’t Whiten Them at Home!

It’s something I see and hear often – the struggles of trying to whiten teeth at home.

Did you know that your teeth naturally have a yellow hue to them? Let me explain further.

There are two parts of teeth to understand: dentin and enamel. Enamel is the outside layer that we see. This is also the layer that is naturally white in appearance. Dentin however is the layer directly underneath our enamel and its natural color is more of a yellowish hue.

Here’s the deal.

When we brush hard or constantly expose our enamel to foods and drinks that eat away at it and break it down, then our teeth begin to show more and more of the dentin side of our teeth. As such, you begin to see the yellowish hue that many people do not enjoy the appearance of.

Common culprits include: black teas, sports drinks, sodas, citric drinks (i.e. OJ), dark colored fruits and vegetables.

Some of these may be healthy, but their colored compounds will stick to the surface of your teeth and literally stain them over time.

Brushing Alone Won’t Cure the Problem

Brushing must be performed, either way you cut it. But most people have a tendency to brush hard, which is abrasive on the teeth and does not help with shifting from yellow to white.

On top of this, whitening toothpastes hardly ever work because it acts on the teeth too slowly before you actually see any significant results. This is because the rate at which we consume foods and drinks that are harmful outweighs the rate at which whitening toothpaste is successfully acting on the teeth. This goes the same for whitening mouth rinses as well.

The Quickest Way to Whitening Teeth – Seriously.

Really, the quickest way to whitening your teeth is to have it performed in the office. At my Beverly Hills cosmetic dentistry practice, I offer a couple kinds of whitening for different needs, but they all produce noticeable results even after just 1 session! And I send my patients home with whitening trays to maintain those results for a while.

Zoom! Whitening – It can be performed in less than an hour! Hence “zoom”.
KöR Teeth Whitening (for severely stained teeth)

So if you haven’t tried it yet and you’re truly concerned with the appearance of your teeth then I absolutely recommend just one session as a way it try it out. You’ll be surprised.

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