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Preparing Your Picture-Perfect Wedding Smile

Preparing Your Picture-Perfect Wedding Smile Beverly Hills

Wedding season is nearly upon us – is your perfect smile ready?

Around this time of year, teeth whitening is the most-requested cosmetic dental service in our office. Brides, grooms, wedding parties and guests all want to look their best at these very special life events. Fortunately, whitening is a quick and easy teeth brightening procedure, and our office offers you the finest and most effective options.

We recommend patients begin making an appointment now for an in-office evaluation and professionally recommended Beverly Hills teeth whitening. Why: so Dr. Hadaegh can help choose the right shade for your smile. The very last thing you want is to appear in wedding photographs with a fake, too-white smile.

“When it comes to selecting a tooth color,” says Dr. Hadaegh, “the key is to select a color that is in harmony with both your skin tone and the whites of your eyes.”

The tooth whitening systems used in Dr. Hadaegh’s practice include both in-chair and at-home professional alternatives. With these approaches, your smile can literally be brightened up to 10 shades in about an hour.

Dr. Hadaegh also offers the following tips for getting your smile ready for wedding cameras.

• Snack on fibrous foods like apples, celery, broccoli – these foods will actually help exfoliate your teeth and loosen stains.
• Practice smiling! Use a digital camera and a mirror to experiment with angles and find your very best look.
• Moisten your lips and teeth to make your smile appear even brighter.
• Consider bright lipstick which can also make teeth look whiter.

Act now to ensure your smile is at its best for the special moments coming up in your life. Use our online form to request an appointment or call us at (310) 659-5399 . We look forward to brightening your smile soon.

Schedule a consultation with premier Beverly Hills Dentist Neil N. Hadaegh, DDS. Your best smile calls for genuine care, personalized treatment, state-of-the-art technology, and expert precision. Contact us to design, achieve, and maintain your best smile in Beverly Hills with the help of renowned dentist Dr. Neil N. Hadaegh.

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