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Famous Gap Toothed Smiles

Pop Quiz:

What do Madonna, David Letterman, Mike Tyson, and Anna Paquin all have in common?

Based on a new poll from the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the answer is… they’re known for their famous gap toothed smiles.

Comedian & talk show host, David Letterman

Heavyweight Champion of the World, Mike Tyson

Star of True Blood, Anna Paquin

Minding the Gap

Outside of Hollywood, gap-tooth smiles are more likely to be seen as a negative. Cosmetic dentists find that patients with prominent teeth gaps feel self-conscious about their gap, which dentists call diastemas.

Those emotions are supported by another AACD poll about what others think about diastemas. When shown a photo of someone with a gap in their smile compared to someone without a gap, the viewers most often described those with a gap as being “of a lower socioeconomic status, not as smart, and not as attractive.”

The cosmetic dental practice of Dr.Hadaegh believes the aesthetics of your smile is a personal decision, and we work with you to design a smile that makes you feel self-confident. That said, we also help you understand the particulars of your gap. For example, in some cases, untreated diastemas – gaps that are not addressed – can actually be harmful to surrounding teeth. This is because teeth that don’t contact adjacent teeth tend to have less support.

If you are ready to mind your gap-tooth smile, contact our office today. Dr. Hadaegh looks forward to giving you all the facts and possibilities you need to know in order to make a choice that is right for you.

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