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Dental Implant Myths

Dental Implant Myths

Even though dental implants have been used successfully by qualified dentists for more than 40 years, there’s a surprising amount of incorrect and negative information out there. Here are three of the most common myths and realities regarding dental implants.

Myth # 1. Dental implants are painful.

Not true. In fact, after having dental implants placed, the majority of my patients tell me it was easier than they thought it would be. When considering dental implants, I recommend your main consideration be whether or not the procedure will give you the best result for your unique situation. For the procedure itself, I recommend IV sedation dentistry, after which most patients only need Tylenol and/or Advil. For those who are more susceptible to pain, I can prescribe a stronger painkiller such as Vicodin.

Myth #2. Dental Implants are expensive.

Again, not true. Comparing long-term costs, having an implant is much less expense than a bridge because a bridge will be replaced every 7 -15 years whereas a dental implant will most likely never need to be replaced. In terms of short term costs, dental implants are roughly the same cost as an average 3-tooth bridge.

Myth #3. Dental implants take a long time.

Not so. Yes, implant placement typically spans 4 to 16 weeks. However, a significant portion of that time is simply waiting for the bone to heal around the post. And throughout that period, you will have natural-looking, firmly set, temporary teeth in place.

I’ve made implants a specialty in my dental practice simply because they are so often the best solution to my patients’ needs. If you would like to explore the possibility of improving your smile and your dental health with dental implant technology, please contact my office for a consultation.

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