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Goodbye Gummy Smile, Hello Great Smile!

Goodbye Gummy Smile, Hello Great Smile!

Did you know that your gummy smile can be fixed forever with pain-free cosmetic laser dentistry?

Gummy smiles can definitely have a negative effect on your smile. If your teeth are covered by excessive gum tissue, they appear to the eye as being small, or too short. Sadly, many gummy smilers believe that nothing can be done about this. But the truth is, your full and beautiful teeth are there – they’re just hidden by the tissue and possibly some bone, and both can be removed with a dental laser.

In dentist speak, the procedure we use to correct this issue is known as “Esthetic Crown Lengthening.” Dr. Hadaegh begins solving the issue of a gummy smile by conducting a thorough examination. He then works with a trusted partner-specialist to correct the problem. We use a laser to remove excess gum tissue and bone in order to reveal more of your pearly whites. Light sedation can be used for your comfort, but the truth is, there are no nerve-endings involved, so this is a pain-free procedure that can truly transform your smile.

The end result is more symmetry to your facial features and a bigger brighter smile.

If you or someone you know is unhappy because of a gummy smile, let us help.
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