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How to Achieve Your Perfect Celebrity Smile

How to Achieve Your Perfect Celebrity Smile Beverly Hills

Beyonce has gotten quite some traction these past couple of weeks with her album release ‘Lemonade’. This album in particular has music enthusiasts and critics alike losing their minds because of how unique and rich it is. But at the end of the day, ‘Lemonade’ would be nothing other than a drink if it wasn’t for the charismatic individual. This individual just so happens to be represented by possibly the whitest and healthiest smile there could possibly be in the industry.

White Smiles Matter!

Whether Beyonce is performing or at an interview, her white smile seems to always be front and center of it all. It is well known that celebrities follow extreme diets and techniques to keep their beautiful silhouette. But Beyonce takes it as far as being aware of the foods consumed and practices to help maintain that gorgeous smile of hers. We have gathered the top tips that are well known to be practiced by the pop singer herself that with a bit of effort, you too can own a celebrity level smile. KEEP SMILING BEY FANS!

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Let’s Start With Brushing and Flossing like a Star

There’s definitely a technique to the madness, although flossing isn’t the preferred technique when caring for your teeth, It’s definitely an efficient one! Shop for some quality floss at your favorite drugstore and practice the following: Floss first to loosen food pieces stuck between teeth. Brush the front and sides of teeth, bottom and top, outside first. Brush them side-to-side, then up and down, then repeat.

Be Mindful of Foods That Discolor Teeth

If your daily routine usually starts off in a cafe and/or you consume a lot of tea, coffee, red wine or acidic juices, your enamel over time can become damaged or dark. Also, eating a lot of foods with tomato sauce, mustard or ketchup can yellow teeth. It is highly recommended to increase the consumption of fruits, such as apples, which can be a natural teeth whitener. Following this tip in particular will start improving your smile in no time!

Talk to Your Dentist!
Communicating regularly with your dentist could result in being truly educated on your smile. If you are practicing the tips above and you feel your celebrity smile could be improved, don’t hesitate calling your dentist for teeth whitening service. Teeth whitening is currently the best way to restore your smile back to its original white state.

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