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Spring Cleaning Your Teeth!

Spring Cleaning Your Teeth!

We’re roughly one month in to Spring (which began on March 20). By now, most of us may have already tackled our “spring cleaning” duties which typically involve cleaning out the garage, tidying up the house, among other chores that we have put off for quite some time.

We’d like to ask, have you considered giving your smile a “Spring Cleaning”?

In other words, have you been to your dentist recently in the last year? If not, then now would be a great time to receive a dental checkup from your dentist.

Benefits of a Dental Spring Cleaning

By receiving a dental checkup, you also receive a thorough cleaning of your mouth that goes beyond what a toothbrush & floss are capable of.

Thing is, dentists have access to tools that are able to remove the months (and for some, years) of plaque buildup that has accumulated. Problem is that this plaque turns into a hard substance known as calculus, or tartar. Tartar cannot be removed by a toothbrush. Your dentist using special tools must carefully remove it.

Besides this, you also receive a dental examination in which x-rays are taken, as well as an oral exam given to detect any issues of the teeth or gums that may need further assistance in order to prevent tooth loss or other issues from worsening or occurring.

Preparing For Summertime

When’s the last time you did something different for your smile? And by different we mean trying out a new cosmetic procedure such as veneers or teeth whitening. These two cosmetic procedures are very popular right now as summer is drawing closer.

The main reason why is because many important events often occur during the summer and people, of course, would like to look their absolute best during these times. Many minor issues such as small gaps, chips, or any other small imperfections on teeth are easily corrected by the use of dental veneers, which last a very long time with the technology available today.

And if veneers are not an option, then teeth whitening may be. Teeth whitening offers you the ability to turn your teeth a few shades whiter than before. It works and the results are often shocking for most.

A Few Tips from Dr. Hadaegh

Aside from everything you’ve read above, here’s a couple spring cleaning tips you can perform yourself at home as part of our best practices:

1. Replace Your Toothbrush
if it’s been more than 3 months than without question replace your toothbrush. Take a look at the bristles, if they appear worn or hard then it’s time to replace.

2. Restock Supplies
Are you low on floss? Absolutely replace this. Flossing is VERY important for your oral health. Low on mouthwash? Replace that, too, for added defense.

Enjoy the rest of your Spring from the team here at @ Dr. Hadaegh’s office in Beverly Hills. ☺

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