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Ways to Spend Time with Dad on Father’s Day (with Gift Ideas, too)!Ways to Spend Time with Dad on Father’s DayGreat Last-Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas for Dad on Father’s Day Beverly Hills

Father’s Day will be here Sunday, June 21st – which also happens to be the first official day of summertime! What a nice coincidence. You’ll have an entire weekend to utilize for Father’s Day and there’s no better way to show your love than by spending time with him (gifts are a bonus!). And we guarantee it will put a BIG smile on his face. ☺

Ways to Spend Time with Dad on Father’s Day

Sporting Events

I just received an email for last chance tickets to see an LA Dodger game with Dad. I thought this was a clever idea because chances are your Dad loves his sports clubs! It’d make for a nice gift AND even better bonding time. You just have to hope your team wins!


It’s actually more common than you would think, but sometimes Dads actually want to get away from the house on Father’s Day weekend. A great way to accomplish this is by spending the weekend camping with the family. Not only is this a great way to spend quality time with Dad, it allows him to do what he does best: barbeque.

The beach is another great option – especially because summertime also begins on Father’s Day! However, beaches may be really busy since it will be the first official day of summer. Keep that in mind.


If you have a Dad who fancies some competition there are a few activities you can participate in to wet his appetite: golfing, driving range, bowling, go-karting, miniature golfing, arcades, paintball, or airsofting.

Beer Tasting

If your Dad enjoys a nice, cold brew then he will certainly love going beer tasting at any local brewery if nearby. In Los Angeles, we have a few breweries to check out nearby: Budweiser Brewery, Angel City Brewery, Eagle Rock Brewery, and a few others.

Great Last-Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas

BBQ Add-Ons

I came across a few neat items I wouldn’t mind having myself. A marinade injector or meat thermometer. If you can’t afford these, here’s a sure winner: cleaning his BBQ grill! That would be a really nice surprise. ☺

Sports Memorabilia

Dad’s love to represent their sport teams. If tickets to a game are out of your price range, then consider buying him more sports memorabilia for him to place in his man cave. He’ll love it. Bobble heads come to mind!

Possibly Pricey

Concert or music festival – if your Dad is into music, then he will certainly appreciate tickets to an upcoming show. Legendary bands such as The Who and AC/DC will be out in Los Angeles this September.

There’s plenty of other gift ideas and activities for Father’s Day out there, but the one thing you shouldn’t forget is spending time with him. Even if it’s at home!

Happy Father’s Day from the team at Dr. Hadaegh’s Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dental Practice!

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