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Your Breath and Valentine’s Day

Your Breath and Valentine’s Day Beverly Hills

Valentine’s Day is the one day of the year where you’re both expected to be on your best behavior (in terms of looking good, smelling good, etc). The last thing you want is to hear it from your significant other complaining of bad breath. It just kills the romantic vibes, in turn ruining the evening.

Dr. Hadaegh’s Quick Tips Regarding Food Choices

Three things to avoid: spicy foods, garlic, and onions. The reason being is because these food options have a strong tendency to linger in smell for awhile – even if you chew a little gum, gargle some mouthwash, or pop fresh mints. Just do yourself a favor and skip on these.

One of the most popular dishes for a night out on the town is sushi. However, this doesn’t mean your breath will be safe. Most fish has a tendency to linger around for a while so be cautious of this decision.

Dairy is something else to worry about, in fact some people suffer from a phenomenon known as “dairy-induced halitosis” so if you believe this is you, then stay away from the dairy. BUT yogurt with probiotics are a great alternative for the day.

Also, skip on comfort foods – or foods that are packed in calories. This may upset your stomach and produce an unnecessary amount of gas to compensate. You don’t want this to occur. Common comfort foods include most fried options.

Tackling Bad Breath from Within

Tongue scraping.
It’s often overlooked, but tongue scarping can work wonders for bad breath. A lot of bacteria are built up on our tongues. Give your tongue a nice gentle brushing using a toothbrush and see if that helps.

Pocket mints. Most people rely on one mint to get them through the day/night, but the reality is that it is only a temporary solution. Keep a ream of mints in your pocket to get through the day.

Don’t skip breakfast.
Breakfast gets your system rolling, especially saliva. Saliva is responsible for keeping bacteria in check. When bacteria is out o check, you will begin to experience decay, in turn causing bad breath.

Stay hydrated.
Water keeps your saliva production continuing. When the water stops, your body has to work overtime to produce saliva – something you want to avoid. Stick to water on Valentine’s Day exclusively and pass on the acidic drinks.

Most importantly – have a beautiful Valentine’s Day!

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