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Celebrities Suffer from Bad Breath, Too!

Liam Hemsworth, one of the stars of The Hunger Games, was featured on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where he was asked what the most awkward part of shooting the widely popular film was.

His answer: kissing Jennifer Lawrence!

Wow, didn’t see that coming. What’s the reason why? Well, Liam revealed that Jennifer Lawrence’s breath was always horrible when it came to kissing scenes. Bad breath is one of the last things you want before a kiss!

The issue was the result of the food choices Jennifer Lawrence made before shooting her set. Liam mentioned how she would eat tuna, garlic, or other foods known for causing bad breath before their act. He mentioned it was all in good fun – and according to Jennifer Lawrence, they are very good friends.

It’s not just Jennifer Lawrence either, other celebrities are notoriously known for sporting bad breath: Beyonce, P. Diddy, Lamar Odom, and Angelina Jolie to name a few.

It’s Not Just Food That Causes Bad Breath

Bad breath affects many people worldwide. It’s an issue that has the sole potential of negatively impacting one’s self-esteem. In Jennifer Lawrence’s case, her bad breath stemmed from foods and drinks consumed.

However, the main cause of bad breath in many cases is either:

  • 1. A lack of hydration.
  • 2. Poor oral hygiene.
  • 3. Lifestyle choices. (i.e. foods, drinks, smoking, alcohol, etc.)

8 glasses of water per day: fact or fiction?

So really, the trick to not having bad breath is simple.

  • Make sure you stay hydrated throughout the day in order to keep saliva levels high – which is responsible for monitoring bacteria in the mouth.
  • Make wise lifestyle choices and cut back where you see fit.
  • Don’t forget to brush and floss every single day. No exceptions. Mouthwash may provide temporary relief as well.

By staying dedicated to the above regimen, many people are successfully able to completely reverse their issues with bad breath. However, if this does not work for you then you may have an underlying medical issue contributing to the problem – requiring doctor or dentist intervention.

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