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Dr. Hadaegh’s Back to School Dental Guide

We have a little over a month of summer still remaining (woo!), except most children will be returning back to school near the start of September, which is in 2 weeks. This means you still have plenty of time to prepare for your big day back.

Most children use the opportunity to return to school to show off a new style they may have picked up, new clothing, new hobbies, etc. Others are not interested in any of this and are simply happy to see their friends again, or make new ones.

As part of preparing for your child’s return to school, Dr. Hadaegh wants to remind parents to consider the following back to school dental tips.

Re-enforce Proper Brushing Habits

Having so much time off for school, it’s almost certain that your children began slacking on their oral hygiene routine at some point during their vacation. The worst part is if you were to ask them, they would probably tell you they’ve been brushing and flossing.

Take the few weeks leading up to school to re-enforce good habits such as brushing their teeth. It will help them prevent unnecessary cavities, as well as teach them discipline. We recommend brushing and flossing with them to make sure they have the right technique down.

Limit Sugar

Children too often fall victim to sugar. It leads to obesity, as well as causes tooth decay. Both of these are not fun. As school begins to near, we strongly encourage you to place strict limitations on the amount of sugar your children consume. Good habit is to have them consume a small amount of sugar (i.e. one frozen ice cream bar) AFTER dinner & then brush and floss before sending them to bed.

Pro tip: if you get your child hooked on sugar-free gum, they will benefit in many ways. Just make sure the ADA seal of approval is on the package.

Have Them Checked By a Dentist

This is probably the most important action to take before your child starts school: making an appointment with a dentist to make sure they are not suffering from any deep cavities or other oral health issues. You want to make sure your child’s damage from summer vacation does not ruin their beautiful, young smile. It’s very common for children to become careless & lazy during their break, which could damage them in many ways including their teeth.

We hope you enjoy the rest of your summer! ☺

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