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Dr. Hadaegh’s Valentine’s Day Teeth Tips

Valentine’s Day is literally right around the corner and there will be many SMILES, kisses, presents, laughs, and good times spent on this day.

Are You Kiss Ready?

If you have a significant other, then you want to make absolutely sure that you are kiss ready for that special moment. Dr. Hadaegh  recommends starting this regimen earlier than later for best results!

1. Brush twice a day (as you normally should!) – especially after eating.
2. Floss after breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
3. Use mouthwash right after flossing.
4. Give yourself a self-breath test.
5. If needed, start chewing ADA recommend gum.
6. Consume water to keep breath fresh from the inside out.
7. Optional: squeeze lemon juice in to your water to cleanse your stomach.

By sticking to these tips, you’ll have a kiss-ready mouth that is fresh and smells GOOD! Be sure to smile, too. ☺

Sweet Action?

While not as a candy crazy as Halloween, Valentine’s Day still brings a lot of sweets & chocolate to the table. As great as these treats are, we wanted to remind you of two things if you decide to indulge:

1. Brushing & Flossing

Candy contains a high amount of sugar and unfortunately – as you know full well by now – sugar and our teeth just do not mix. As a result, make sure to give your teeth a thorough cleaning before you go to bed. And of course, don’t forget to floss. Flossing attacks the areas that brushing simply cannot reach.

2. Moderation

The best thing you can do your teeth and for yourself is stay conscience of how many sweets you are consuming. Try to avoid samplers of any sort because samplers are a great way to consume more than you should because you trick your mind into believing trying JUST one of every type is OK – when in reality you’ve eaten more than you should have.

Not Satisfied With Your Smile?

Dr. Hadaegh is a cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills that has provided many smile makeovers, which result in huge boosts to self-esteem. If you are looking to improve your smile in any way, stop by Dr. Hadaegh’s office for a consultation and he will suggest what could be done to make any improvements!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Dr.Hadaegh  and staff! ☺

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